You don’t necessarily have to be starving to visualize a hamburger in a delicious formed rock during a hike. But your attention is drawn as soon as your own  nose is compared to the entrance of the ,Wolfscanyon’ (Wolfsschlucht) . My watch displays ‘exactly just before 3 O’clock’, while I’m standing in the marram grass. The desire grows, when you visualize the shape of America while looking at the flaked off render of an old house. And the term ,Towelfields’ becomes proverbial in view of the colorful patterns of the franconian vineyards.

That’s how the searching, finding and comparing began and quite certain will continue. It’s fun to search for another perspective of seeing things, at times the idea literally forces to come to one’s mind, occasionally it’s knowingly ,composed’. But it always begins with the purpose to travel, discover and the joy of fantasizing about the different images of one and the same thing.

We wish all creative viewers of the environment, astonishing and obvious associations. Possibly your friend’s nose looks more like a famous peak in the Alps?

Kersten Roselt, Jena, works as geologist;
Anke Mamat acts in the field of pedagogics  in Jena, Germany.